Gardening on my mind

I garden to connect to the earth and to see my granddaughter’s eyes as she pulls a carrot from the ground.

I have been laid up with a bum knee for a few months and it is getting in the way of my spring planting. It has made me think about why I garden as I watch the clock tick by, knowing I should be preparing the soil for the March planting.

There’s no easy way to answer why I garden. I can give the standard answer, “I garden because I want fresh organic food.” While it is true, why I garden is more complicated than that.

I find satisfaction with planting a new tree or blackberry bush that promises a great summer harvest. I enjoy seeing the first buds on the mature trees, telling me they survived the winter and are getting ready for rebirth.

I look forward to the sparkle in my young granddaughter’s eyes on Easter as she pulls colorful carrots out of the garden and picks green cherry tomatoes because she thinks they are apples.

The fresh air and sun invigorate me and I save the cost of a fitness club as I carry compost bags and move mulch into the garden.

I get excited when I find the first worms in soil I have amended for years. The return of the hummingbirds with their distinct sound make me smile. The roadrunners running across my back wall also herald in the spring.

I also look forward to the shopping trips at the nursery. It’s a gardener’s candy store.

I enjoy the peace my friends and I feel as we sit in the garden and enjoy the quiet time of talking and sharing each other’s lives.

Gardening reminds me of God’s purpose for the land: that we toil to keep it alive and healthy. If we do, it will pay us back with food, health, satisfaction and a sense of being connected to the earth. It helps me believe that I am leaving a very small part this planet better than when I arrived.

So why do YOU garden? Please post your answers for our blog family can read them.


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I am a certified agriscape designer and Maricopa County Master Gardener. I have been gardening since I was six years old and worked in my grandfather's garden. I believe that the only way to be a responsible gardener is to garden organically. It improves our soil, is safer for us to eat, sustainable and it protects our pollinators and soil from chemical poisoning.

4 thoughts on “Gardening on my mind

  1. I garden cause it just plain makes me feel good. Like therapy only cheaper. I can sit in the back yard listen to my chickens and stare at the dirt. (Heaven). Lol. My yard is still pretty blank. But each year it’s gets better.

  2. I agree with all of your beautifully written reasons. My garden gives me peace and tranquility. It also feeds my body, calms my mind and fills my heart with joy. ❤️

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