Climate changes increase internationally

We are beginning to see undeniable evidence that we are in the midst of global warming– for those who don’t believe in global warming, consider it a long-term climate change. It’s here.

As master gardeners, we monitor the changes and the effects about the natural environment. I am attaching a PDF of our latest findings this March and my next blog will be on microclimates to help you combat some of the changes in our midst and in our future.

MCMG March Update climate-horticulture summary


I am a certified agriscape designer and Maricopa County Master Gardener. I have been gardening since I was six years old and worked in my grandfather's garden. I believe that the only way to be a responsible gardener is to garden organically. It improves our soil, is safer for us to eat, sustainable and it protects our pollinators and soil from chemical poisoning.